Beautiful, Durable & Reliable Composite Wood Shutters

So, what are composite wood shutters?

Though composite wood shutters are not made using “real wood”, they are composed of a sustainable exterior material that is able to withstand the natural elements year-round. They are extremely durable and can be handcrafted to capture all the details you crave when personalizing exterior shutters.

Adorned Openings composite wood shutters are durable and are handcrafted to capture the details you crave

Benefits of Our Composite Wood Shutters

Adorned Openings composite wood shutters are composed of a sturdy, component construction

Sturdy, component built construction

Adorned Openings composite wood shutters offer a stunning, upscale appearance

Stunning, upscale appearance

Adorned Openings custom exterior shutters are handcrafted in 3 weeks or less

Custom shutters in 3 weeks or less

Adorned Openings offers easy, convenient installation options for custom exterior shutters

Easy, convenient installation options

Adorned Openings colors are professionally applied for a long-lasting finish

Professional, long-lasting finishes

Adorned Openings’ Composite Wood Material

Our exterior shutters are crafted using only the highest quality of materials that are known for their resistance to moisture, rot, and termite damage. Not only that, but they’re twice as strong as traditional MDF and are made using sustainable materials. All of our shutters are component built to your exact specifications so they can be enjoyed for many years!

Are composite wood shutters better than vinyl shutters?

Vinyl shutters are plastic molds of popular shutter styles and are known to warp and fade over time. They are often not sized appropriately and offer very little customization and design options. Vinyl shutters are quicker to get since they are mass-produced but cannot be hung with functional hardware.

Composite wood shutters are handcrafted from solid pieces of milled material that can be personalized in many ways. They mimic the look of real wood shutters but are at a lower price point. Composite wood shutters also provide a more traditional, elevated look to increase curb appeal and enhance the look of your home. These shutters can be either fixed mounted to your home or installed with functional shutter hardware for a more upscale look.

How do your composite wood shutters compare to MDF shutters?

Our composite wood shutters are twice as strong as MDF! We only source the highest quality materials which are made for outdoor use and are resistant to moisture, rot, and termite damage.

Are composite wood shutters offered in standard sizes only?

Not here! You have the option to enter exact dimensions to the nearest inch for a picture-perfect install. Personalize your look by selecting your color, cut-out, shutter hardware, and more.

How long will it take to receive my shutters after I place my order?

Unlike other shutter companies, we manufacture our shutters and sell them directly to our customers which reduces lead times. It will take 2-3 weeks to handcraft your shutters and another 5-7 days for shipping. You could have your custom, handcrafted shutters in 3 weeks or less!

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