Long Lasting, Decadent Shutter Finishes

Choosing a shutter color is an important consideration when personalizing your shutters, which is why we take it seriously. From professional paint lines to finely tuned curing ovens, our state-of-the-art finishing process is quite worthy of bragging about. Our factory-applied finish is specifically designed to protect your shutters from harmful UV rays which can lead to unwanted fading. Not only that, our finish truly protects them from natural elements, giving you even more peace of mind for years to come.

Adorned Openings’ exterior shutter colors are professionally applied with an even coat on all sides and edges and protect against harmful UV rays and natural elements

Our Available Premium Paint Colors

Adorned Openings offers a variety of brilliant paint finishes that are hand-selected to pair with almost any home exterior color scheme. Whether you are looking for something bold or a little more subdued, we have the perfect shutter color options for you!

order three shutter color samples to help find the perfect shutter color even easier

*The colors shown may vary slightly from actual painted shutters. We recommend ordering a painted color sample to assist in your decision-making process.

Adorned Openings offer custom color matching for composite wood shutters or have primed and paint-ready exterior shutters delivered right to your door

Additional Finish Options

Have a specific color in mind for your exterior shutters? Simply provide the brand name and color code and we’ll custom color match it or choose our paintable shutter option to paint them yourself!

Why are UV rays harmful to shutters?

UV rays emit from the sun and depending on the location of your home, can lead to unwanted fading of exterior shutters. Our brilliant shutter colors are specifically designed to protect against UV rays and keep them looking brand new for many years!

What if I want to paint my own shutters?

You most certainly can! Once you find the shutter style you love, you can choose from our available color options or opt for our paintable shutter option which comes primed and ready to paint.

What if I have a color in mind for my shutters that’s not offered?

Not to worry, as we offer custom color matching! Just supply us with the brand, paint name, and color code when ordering online. From there, we send the color information to our color creation team which takes about 7-10 days. After they finalize your color, we’ll ship a sample to you for approval. Once approved, your shutters are then painted and shipped right to your door.

How can I increase the longevity of composite wood shutters?

We send shutter capping with every order which acts as roofs for your shutters to eliminate any chance of water seeping in and causing unwanted damage. Also, occasionally clean them with a mild soap solution and a soft cloth to keep them looking good as new!

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