Experience The Pure Allure of Natural Wood Shutters

What’s all the fuss about natural wood shutters?

In the realm of available shutter materials, wood continues to reign supreme. Western hemlock, in particular, showcases a rich golden color and clear vertical grain that exemplifies this wood’s natural beauty. Renowned for high strength and density, Western Hemlock is recognized as one of the best woods for general construction, making it a clear choice as our go-to natural wood material.

Adorned Openings natural wood shutters are highly durable and are crafted from the finest western hemlock available

Benefits of Our Natural Wood Shutters

Adorned Openings natural wood shutters are composed of a sturdy, component construction

Handcrafted to exceed your expectations

Adorned Openings natural wood shutters offer a stunning, upscale appearance

Authentic charm captured by real wood

Adorned Openings custom exterior shutters are handcrafted in 3 weeks or less

Custom wood shutters in 3 weeks or less

Adorned Openings offers easy and convenient installation options for our custom natural wood shutters

Easy, convenient installation options

Adorned Openings colors are professionally applied for a long-lasting finish

Professional, long-lasting finish options

Adorned Openings’ Western Hemlock Wood Material

For those who appreciate the authenticity and allure of wood shutters, Adorned Openings uses the highest quality of western hemlock available to handcraft our beautiful wood shutters. Our natural wood shutters can be configured in a wide variety of ways to suit your home’s unique style.

What are the advantages of natural wood shutters?

Vinyl shutters are plastic molds of popular shutter styles and are known to warp and fade over time. They are often not sized appropriately and offer very little customization and design options. Vinyl shutters can be shipped quickly because they are mass-produced, but they cannot be hung with functional hardware.

Our western hemlock shutters begin as hand-selected rough mill lumber and are then completely transformed into pieces of jewelry for your home. Western hemlock offers exceptional resistance against rot and termite damage, making this wood species a popular choice for many exterior construction applications, including exterior shutters!

How do Adorned Openings Western Hemlock shutters compare to other wood species?

While researching which wood is right for your exterior shutters, you may come across species such as cedar, redwood, and even pine. While these are good options for wooden shutters, Western Hemlock has grown in popularity for its naturally durable composition.

In addition, its superior workability allows our artisans to capture every detail of your custom shutter design with flawless execution. Combine that with our premium finish options, and you’ll be on your way to a boost in curb appeal that will make your home stand out for all the right reasons.

Are natural wood shutters offered in standard sizes only?

Not here! You have the option to enter exact dimensions to the nearest inch for a picture-perfect install. Personalize your natural wood shutters by selecting your size, color, cutout, shutter hardware, and more.

How long will it take to receive my shutters after I place my order?

Unlike other shutter companies, we manufacture our shutters and sell them directly to our customers. It will take 2-3 weeks to handcraft your shutters and another 5-7 days for shipping. You could have your custom, natural wood shutters in 3 weeks or less!

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