20/40/40 Wide Louver Shutter

Natural Wood Shutter

Dramatic yet elegant. Our 20/40/40 wide louver shutter is a feast for the eyes, with its bold design, intriguing texture and gorgeous detailing.


Make your selections above to calculate the price. Installation hardware sold separately.


Shutters will ship in 2-3 weeks. Free shipping on all orders.

Please note that due to the custom made nature of our shutters, we do not accept returns or exchanges.

Customize Your Shutters

Adding exterior shutters to your home is easy, fun, and can make such a dramatic difference. At Adorned Openings, we provide everything you need to make them your own. Start customizing your shutters today!

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Measure Your Windows

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Select A Finish

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Pick Your Hardware

Getting The Perfect Fit

For an elevated and balanced look, measuring your windows is key. To get the perfect fit you will need to capture the height and width of each window.

Learn More

learn how to quickly measure your windows for louver shutters

Add a Splash of Color

Undoubtedly the most anticipated step in personalizing your exterior shutters. This is a wonderful opportunity to enhance the look of your home with brilliantly finished shutters.

Adorned Openings offers a variety of wonderful paint color options for louver shutters

Fixed or Functional?

Once you are done personalizing your shutters, it’s time to explore our shutter hardware options. Whether your preference leans to a more decorative or functional look, we offer many options for you to choose from.

Shop Hardware


Adorned Openings offers both fixed or functional shutter hardware for your louver shutters


Adorned Openings offers both fixed or functional shutter hardware for your louver shutters

Additional Information

From measuring to installing and more, we have lots of information to help make your shutter experience even easier.

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