Shutter Color Samples

Natural Wood

One of the most important steps while customizing your natural wood shutters is finding the perfect color. Choose three sample colors, and we’ll ship them right to your front door ⎯ it’s that easy!


Samples will ship in approximately 3 business days.

Adorned Openings Shutter Colors

No matter which shutter color you choose, our factory-applied finish not only guarantees a stunning look but will also protect your exterior shutters for years to come.

Adorned Openings offers an array of shutter color options that look good and protect shutters from harmful UV rays and natural elements

Additional Information

From measuring to installing and more, we have lots of information to help make your shutter experience even easier.

Most Popular Shutter Styles

Our collection of shutter styles have been cherished by homeowners all across the country. Check them out for yourself!

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