Narrow Plate Pintle Shutter Hardware

Complementary style. Our narrow plate pintle shutter hardware with a 1” offset is renowned by many for being the perfect pairing for a variety of different shutter styles. This package is ideal for installation on flat surfaces such as wood or PVC window casing.

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Picture Perfect Shutter Installation

Our Narrow Plate Pintle Hardware Packages are designed to be easily installed on flat surfaces such as wood or PVC window casing or trim. They come standard with a 1” offset which allows clearing for any obstacles such as a deep fitted window frame or trim molding that is less than 1” deep. All of our sets include pintles, strap hinges, bullet catches, and installation screws for a worry-free shutter installation!

Adorned Openings' lag pintle shutter hardware package includes pintles, straps, bullet catches and installation screws

Functional Details

Give your home the look it deserves with functional shutter hardware that captures the true essence of traditional styling.

detailed view of Adorned Openings' narrow plate pintle shutter hardware mounted on blue shutters

High Quality

Our hardware is constructed from solid steel and topped with a stunning, black powder coat finish.

detailed view of Adorned Openings bullet catch installed in brick siding to secure composite wood shutters in place

Secure Installation

Securing your shutters with the right hardware is key to protecting them for years to come.

Additional Information

We have plenty of information to help out with measuring, installation, and more to make your shutter hardware experience even easier.

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