“S” Style Shutter Tiebacks

Alluring appearance. Our “S” style shutter tiebacks is a lag mount that adds that authentic look you yearn for and makes all the difference for your overall shutter design.

All tiebacks sold per pair


Hardware will ship in 1-2 days. Free shipping on all orders.

Picture Perfect Shutter Installation

“S” Style Shutter Tiebacks are one of the most iconic pieces of shutter hardware to date with their enticing, traditional character. This tieback allows for complete flexibility of mounting location, regardless of exterior material.

close up view of Adorned Openings "s" style shutter tieback

Secure Installation

Securing your shutters with the right hardware is key to protecting them for years to come.

view of Adorned Openings "s" style shutter tieback installed into stone home with white panel shutter

Functional Details

Give your home the look it deserves with functional shutter hardware that captures the true essence of traditional styling.

Additional Information

We have plenty of information to help out with measuring, installation, and more to make your shutter hardware experience even easier.

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