Shutter Lock Set

Form or function. Our shutter lock set is a wonderful addition to any pair of shutters and can be used for decoration or function.

Sold individually with required fasteners


Hardware will ship in 1-2 days. Free shipping on all orders.

Picture Perfect Shutter Installation

No matter if your shutter design is meant for decoration or function, our Shutter Locks add just the right amount of charm. Each lock takes only minutes to install and looks great up close and far away!

Adorned Openings shutter lock installed on raised panel shutter crafted from composite wood material

Easy Installation

Our shutter hardware is simple to install and comes standard with the necessary installation screws.

Adorned Openings shutter lock set comes with all necessary installation screws for an easy install

High Quality

Our hardware is constructed from solid steel and topped with a stunning, black powder coat finish.

Additional Information

We have plenty of information to help out with measuring, installation, and more to make your shutter hardware experience even easier.

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